MRM is the next extension of DAM


Yet another three-letter acronym … Just as ECM (Enterprise Content Management) and its subordinate system, DAM (Digital Asset Management), have become second nature, people are already talking about continuing efficiency improvements with MRM (Marketing Resource Management). And indeed for many companies, MRM has already paid off in every respect.

While DAM systems are a hub for in-house media objects (images, documents, videos) used to support production, management, archiving and distribution, MRM distribution goes much farther.
An excellent example of a DAM/MRM system installation providing solutions for a company is Smith & Nephew. Operating worldwide in the medical field, the company struggled for a long time with distributing its various documents. Part of their service is to provide information and marketing material to various target groups for their more than 1,000 products. This includes: documents on surgical techniques for surgeons, patient brochures, product information sheets, flyers and more. In addition, some versions are country-specific and have to be produced in five languages. In the medical field, product specifications, instructions and medical guidelines must adhere to strict standards and are highly sensitive.
Their goal was to provide doctors, hospitals as well as representatives with the latest version of any new product or information. Ideally, appropriate printed information for patients should be made available in waiting rooms. Surgeons as well should be able to access important information 24/7; information that can be accessed quickly and smoothly in the latest version. This almost unmanageable goal was only partially resolved: resolved differently in different countries or differently for each of the business lines. Soon, stockrooms around the world were full of printed, but outdated documents while many patient waiting rooms had inadequate supplies. Especially for short runs, the “time to market” for the mostly offset documents took too long. In addition, the off-site warehousing and complicated billing system was very inefficient.
Using the same innovative spirit with which the company develops its products, Smith & Nephew outlined an ideal workflow for these marketing materials. And after a long search, Andreas Baumann, Senior Manager Marketing Communication, found the right product for this task: eyebase. Implementing the system was done in collaboration with Staempfli, the Swiss media and systems expert. As a classical DAM system, eyebase supported managing media assets, the production of different materials as well as the management of the final documents. For photographs, edited images, graphics, InDesign and PDF documents managed in the DAM system, the most logical thing to use next are MRM capabilities for the distribution of documents.
The requirements for the new system formulated by Smith & Nephew clearly show why eyebase was chosen for this project. Because in addition to general requirements, such as “high quality”, “good performance” etc., the company wanted: “up to the minute data”, “a simple, yet professional online shopping system”, “personalisation of printed matter”, and the possibility of “100% outsourced fulfillment workflows”.
The e-commerce module eyebase includes: full shop and shopping cart functionality, pricing according to weight, volume, delivery, currencies, minimum order quantities as well as a user-friendly “welcome page”, which announces any news and provides general information such as important contact details.
The content is of course automatically updated on a daily basis. Once a print object has been produced, translated, corrected, and has been released – all of these processes can be controlled with appropriate eyebase workflows – the authorised version is already in the system and thus also online.
Doctors, hospitals, representatives and account managers have access to the marketing materials portal and can search for specific objects and order them successfully. Likewise, their orders, order history and invoices can be managed in eyebase. Printed materials can be downloaded digitally or ordered as printed matter for the minimum quantity. Most orders can be customised as well. Through the eyebase web2print module, a physician ordering flyers can have his address and contact information printed on the back. This module is also responsible for ensuring that the printer receives a print-ready file, together with an already generated invoice, packing slip and job list.
At this point, the desired fulfillment outsourcing begins. Because most departments want to work without stock and prefer print on demand instead, Staempfli was involved as a production partner. Staempfli not only excels in digital printing, they also process the reports from eyebase to create monthly bills and initiate delivery to the customer.
The Aberdeen Group has calculated that companies which employ marketing resource management systems, reported 140% higher than average ROI of marketing costs and doubled revenue growth. Smith & Nephew’s description of the implementation also reflects these excellent values. Of the 187 companies surveyed, more than half showed an improvement in the effectiveness of their brand and 60% were able to shorten their “time to market” after one year.
Since eyebase was adopted by Smith & Nephew, they have achieved the positive study results in practice as well.


CMB Informationssysteme GmbH (Munich, Vienna) has been a specialist in image databases and media asset management since 1995. eyebase has succeeded in winning well-known customers from all sectors: BMW AG, AirBerlin, CHANEL, HARIBO, and Continental AG among others.

CMB Informationssysteme GmbH
Wolfgang Kaufmann
[email protected]


Established in 1799 and located in Bern and Zurich, Stämpfli Publications Ltd. is at once a communications agency, internet agency, IT system integrator, printer and publishing specialist service provider.

 Stämpfli AG
[email protected]


Smith & Nephew GmbH
[email protected]

This article was published in The Produktkulturmagazin, issue Q1 2014.

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