Exquisite cables beautifully take centre stage


Be in charge anytime, anywhere. For years, headphones and iPhone cases have boomed, but even the regularly-used USB cable shouldn’t fall by the wayside, after all the telephone is our most loyal companion today. The Swedish company Le Cord has developed the stylish solution in the form of premium USB cables.

Cool electronics are completely fashionable. We show who we are, or would like to be, ever more by means of technical gimmicks and matching accessories. The tech label Le Cord from Sweden represents innovative designs for USB cables and since 2013 has been creating and producing hip lifestyle accessories for Apple products such as iPhone 5, 5s, 6, iPad and iPod instead of plain and boring USB cables. Bright colours dominate the spectrum of the chic cables which are available from 40 cm and also extra long. The manufacturers not only score points for the high quality – thanks to their special surface they are extremely resistant and more durable than normal cables. They are available in plain colours such as a deep sun yellow or in a cool design such as camouflage or with a dogtooth print. A particular highlight is the fabric cable, specially matched to the iPhone, such as solid gold for the iPhone Gold or solid silver for the corresponding silver edition. And of course every product is certified and tested by Apple, as only original Apple parts are installed in order to guarantee optimum performance. In addition, every cable uses a C48 chip which belongs to the latest generation of technology. No wonder the lifestyle brand has developed into a real must-have. These exquisite items are available from Euro 29.90.


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This article was published in The Produktkulturmagazin issue Q3 2015. Picture credit © Le Cord/Daniel Lindh

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