Stibo Systems on expansion plans and management changes

Stibo Systems is set to expand the investment in multidomain MDM in the DACH region and announces change in DACH management

Over the recent years Stibo Systems have strategically executed a fantastic transformation journey focusing on continuous development and growth of Stibo Systems to the company’s current position today, as a leading multidomain MDM vendor.
Following on from the Stibo Systems’ customer event held in Berlin last year which had more than 200 customer attendees; we want to continue to build and strengthen our position as the leading multidomain MDM vendor in the DACH region, our largest European market today. In this respect I have just approved one of our biggest investment programmes to date to ensure our market leading multidomain MDM vendor position.
Looking back at the last 15 successful years with Stibo Systems, Manfred Heckt has, with his team, succeeded in making Stibo Systems the recognised leader and trusted multidomain MDM vendor in the DACH region. A market position supported by the investment in a strong DACH organisation for the future.
Manfred has over the years demonstrated great leadership skills, and has always been a passionate, engaged and popular face of Stibo Systems in the market. It is therefore with regret that we, Stibo Systems, have accepted Manfred’s decision to leave the Stibo Systems family. Manfred will, as part of the planned transition processes, hold an advisory position until end of the year 2016.
“For the last 15 years Stibo Systems has been my professional priority and pride. I want to especially thank our customers and partners with whom I was able to define and overcome many demanding business challenges. I would also like to thank all my colleagues at Stibo Systems, who worked successfully with me throughout the many changes and transformations of and in the market.
Overcoming business challenges with our customer and partners serve as the solid foundation for the market position of Stibo Systems today and will no doubt ensure the continuous outstanding reputation of the Stibo Systems.
In this respect I wish long-lasting success to all Stibo Systems customers and to all in Stibo Systems – and I am at the same time proud to have been part of this fantastic journey.”  Manfred Heckt

Stibo Systems is set to continue the investment and expansion in the DACH region. The Germanspeaking region is the biggest EU market for Stibo Systems and since the opening of the Hamburg office – Stibo Systems have opened up a second office in the DACH region, in Stuttgart.

About Stibo Systems

Stibo Systems is the worldwide leader for multidomain master data management solutions (MDM). Industry leaders trust Stibo Systems with the connection of product, customer, supplier and other corporate data to achieve cross-channel, uniform structures. This allows companies more effective decisions, increase revenues and a surplus value. In the past 30 years global operations supporting hundreds leading international companies to create a single, trusted source of strategic information. Stibo Systems is part of the 1794 founded private company Stibo A / S with the corporate headquarters in Aarhus, Denmark.

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  1. Philip Axmann says:

    Interesting article - I would also recommend Content Management within Master Data Management with Stibo: - also available via the official Stibo LinkedIn page.


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