Step-by-step implementation


A matured digital B2B customer portal and mobile apps represent a long-term and comprehensive overall concept suitable for accompanying the planning and implementation of a global customer strategy on customer interaction, even when future challenges require adaptations to be made.
Considering the size and complexity of such a customer portal, its development and implementation has to be done step-bystep. To begin with, fields of activity and applications are at the forefront, which are relatively easy to process. The business customers are another important factor, as they provide the highest possible, clearly identifiable added value. More complex processes are dealt with in subsequent implementation steps. This approach minimises project risks and makes it easier to gradually renew components of the existing IT landscape. Proceeding cautiously in clear steps also means that company employees affected by these changes are more easily motivated to support the transformation.

Get the PDFs of the Whitepaper “Humans first, technology serves” for free to receive more information on customer and employee interaction in the focus of digitalisation.

DOWNLOAD the German PDF: Humans first, technology serves_DE
DOWNLOAD the English PDF: Humans first, technology serves_EN

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Picture by Lotte Meijer on Unsplash

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