Digital development assistance


Projects to improve B2B customer interaction

When the prerequisites have been met by the company, specific projects such as increasing customer satisfaction can be initiated by the ISCM team. This is introduced in the following through digitalisation projects in the B2B sector, with a focus on the most current developments for more intensive customer interaction with the help of digital customer portals and mobile apps for both employees and customers. The success of these types of self-service portals not only depends on user friendliness, but also on the quality and quantity of the information available.
The necessity to have information systems connected beyond company borders becomes apparent when trying to technologically improve B2B customer interaction. This connection is especially important when it comes to rapidly increasing, innovative Internet of Things-based services. IoT solutions keep customers as well as machine manufacturers constantly up to date on their operational status, for example. Ideally, early status and alert messages prevent outages in time, making the usual annual maintenance windows obsolete. Long standstill periods are prevented while the machines’ efficiency is significantly increased.
Personal contact continues to play an important role in areas such as sales and after-sales, however. Highly complex solutions are in use in the B2B environment especially, which requires personal consultations. Despite all the technological development, the aim is not to replace traditional human-to-human channels. Instead, it’s about developing them while supporting and professionalising them with digital tools.

You want to receive more information on customer and employee interaction in the focus of digitalisation? Go ahead and download the Whitepaper for free.

DOWNLOAD the German PDF: Humans first, technology serves_DE
DOWNLOAD the English PDF: Humans first, technology serves_EN

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