Usability 2.0

What is better is the enemy of what is good. A proverb, but still apt: better systems are prevailing, often at breath-taking speed within the context of the current digital revolution. But this kind of development is anything but new. Companies that researched their target groups more carefully, always drew the right conclusions and then offered the right products and/or services became those enterprises that developed into market leaders while others went under. This is the very essence of marketing – not colourful pictures, snazzy claims and trendy content. They all help, although only if the foundations – the market offerings – are right. Here, we have been able to identify an extremely important component of ISCM data procurement system provider foundations: the virtuoso mastering of usability. It gives providers in the ISCM sector (and others) the ability to offer products that are useful in every aspect. This benefits both pioneers and companies that deploy these products. Companies are being confronted with rising demands from their staff in terms of the usability of their tools. And rightly so! As a professional, one should also have professional tools to work with. If those front-end systems used in our leisure time have considerably better usability than our business systems, the result is a lack of understanding and dissatisfaction. Furthermore, global roll-outs or new application possibilities, for example, increase the community of data procurement systems users. Here, minimising training costs is a hugely important topic. The ideal system is therefore intuitive in its use and self-explanatory. After all, a new generation of employees is making ever higher demands on their working environment. So, those who want to be on the winning side of the ‘war for talents’ are advised to choose software with superlative usability for their staff, because work should be both about completing tasks and fun – which is why it should not be made unnecessarily difficult as a result of complicated systems. The reward: improved efficiency and satisfied employees. This in turn leads to better work results, lower staff turnover and positive employer branding.

Want to read more on the important topic “Usability 2.0”? Awesome, just download the PDFs for free.

DOWNLOAD the German PDF: Usability2.0_DE
DOWNLOAD the English PDF: Usability2.0_EN

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