Organisational implementation of ISCM in companies


With a new publication form, the Whitepapers, The Group of Analysts is focusing on exciting topics relating to the digital revolution at irregular intervals. This always happens in collaboration with a partner that has managed to convince us through its extraordinary performance. For this Whitepaper we worked with parsionate on the topics of Data Flux Index and the organisational implementation of Information Supply Chain Management in companies in the shape of an ISCM Advisory Board. ISCM is of crucial importance to companies’ persistence in an economic world marked by digital transformation. In practice, this is often underestimated, or simply not driven by the necessary assertiveness due to its complexity. The Data Flux Index is an important component on the path to excellent management of the Information Supply Chain. It allows the direct determination of positions with regards to data quality, data accessibility and data flow, therefore forming a significant foundation for digital strategy decisions in an increasingly interconnected world.

Companies require people who are responsible for Information Supply Chain Management. The permanent integration of ISCM within the company is therefore necessary. Ideally, this will occur at management level in the shape of an ISCM Advisory Board, set up as a specialist team. The team will carry out coordinated and advisory activities. The authorisation to manage and direct is given by the fact that executive and management personnel from the line organisation are represented on the ISCM Advisory Board. The ISCM Advisory Board is therefore able to control activities regarding the Information Supply Chain effectively and efficiently. This guarantees that all optimisations across all departments contribute to the digital company strategy on the organisation’s overall optimum.

Get the PDFs for free to receive more information on the Data Flux Index.

DOWNLOAD the German PDF: DataFluxIndex_DE
DOWNLOAD the English PDF: DataFluxIndex_ENG

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Picture credit Matthias Tunger/Getty Images

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