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With a new publication form, the Whitepapers, The Group of Analysts is focusing on exciting topics relating to the digital revolution at irregular intervals. This always happens in collaboration with a partner that has managed to convince us through its extraordinary performance. In this Whitepaper, together with Akeneo we have taken on a topic that is eminently important for implementing digital change, of which the full ramifications only become evident at second glance. Although we all have our own idea of what we believe usability is, let us first explain the term: usability describes “the extent to which a product can be used by certain users within a certain utilisation context in order to effectively and satisfactorily achieve certain objectives”; in other words, user satisfaction is – in addition to task fulfilment – a central focus. This Whitepaper will showcase how the usability topic fits into the ISCM concept, what it has to do with the most important current trends, how important it will be in the future and how it can be implemented particularly well, especially in ISCM data procurement.

The world’s current most valuable company is as successful as it is because it systematically focuses on users by asking itself, or moreover its boss having asked himself, this question: how can we inspire our customers? And they did everything in their power to make using their devices as pleasurable for their customers, the end users, as humanly possible. Today, they no longer have customers. Today, they have followers. Or opponents, some of which are actually enemies. Apple built computers that were more intuitive to use than those of their competitors, with operating systems that were more secure. They only approved programmes that were very, very practical, while nevertheless also being highly professional. Initially, and for many years thereafter, they were the favourite of the graphics industry. Today, they cater to those with a love of devices and platforms for music, movies, apps and much more besides. The brand has managed to become an essential part of the lives of millions of people across the globe.

Read more on the important topic “Usability 2.0” and get the PDFs for free.

DOWNLOAD the German PDF: Usability2.0_DE
DOWNLOAD the English PDF: Usability2.0_EN

For more information about Akeneo visit www.akeneo.com

Picture by Elliot Cooper on Unsplash

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