Galaxy of Digital Simplicity

We are Snow White*, waiting for the happy end while in a deep sleep. However, there is no evil witch, no prince charming. We are who we are, frequently underestimated – although generally by ourselves. It’s just so difficult to kiss and wake ourselves up. But there is always a way. Remove the undergrowth, the thorns and the seven dwarfs. We are already in paradise, in the Garden of Eden. We just don’t know it yet. We simply have to wake ourselves up first and just get down to it.
This – or something similar – is how we rubbed the sleep out of our eyes at TGOA, continuing until we had finally woken up. Now we just want to get down to it, and this in two respects. We want to simplify those things that mean the world to us. Our analysts don’t want to tell you fairy tales, or build rockets destined for the moon. We are awake, attentive and firmly believe that anything can be fundamentally simplified – regardless of how complex it might be. We believe in highly-complex digital networks, but with every single link as simple and as valuable as a straightforward, honest ‘hello’ between two people with a mutual appreciation. These are our foundations, these are what we begin our journey with. Our analysts – who we lovingly refer to as cosmonauts – view this in the same way, and will be taking you with them on a trip through the galaxy of digital simplicity. However, we also above all believe that a simple ‘getting down to it’ attitude is required. The subjunctive may like the idea, but it doesn’t dare open its eyes. With open eyes, a clear view and an eagerness for immediate results, we prefer the present tense.
With this in mind, let us read the current edition of the Produktkulturmagazin together. Just take a look at the topics, download our new Whitepapers – which place dialogue above monologue – and delve into our Garden of Eden. Quite literally, by going to Peer into the digital mirror and measure your digital ‘status’ against Europe’s only study of its kind, which gauges the EDEN level of your company and compares it to your sector competitors and their respective statuses.
Questions? Too complicated? Can’t be bothered? I completely identify with that. I often feel exactly the same way. Here, there’s only one thing for it – simply get down to it.
The TGOA team and all its cosmonauts across the globe hope you have an eventful end to the year, a contemplative festive season and a healthy start to 2018 – and we hope to catch up with you again very soon!

* For the metaphorical fit we used Snow White instead of Sleeping Beauty.


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