Inspire customers with a sustainable shopping experience


Today, the quality of content is more important than ever before, as potential customers are getting in touch with brands and interacting with products around the clock. Therefore, a convincing customer experience is decisive for buying and best possible quality of relevant information is the key to long-term success. But, how does this translate into action?

A positive customer experience impacts the success of a company. Content alone is not enough anymore, it is the quality of product information that determines lasting success. In order to turn shopping into an experience, all product information must be accurate, adapted to the various touchpoints and of course, complete. Because today’s customers are online at any time via smartphones, notebooks, tablets and wearables, they come into contact with products and brands at multiple touchpoints. Consumers are more demanding than ever and expect relevant and up-to-date information. Only if these requirements are met, does purchasing become a positive experience for the customer. This also means that incomplete product information on the website, obsolete promotional prices in a flyer, or incorrect product images in your glossy catalog, will turn away potential customers and ultimately lead them to a competitor.
So how do companies manage to put a continuous product experience into action in order to display their valued content consistently, flawlessly and adapted for each particular channel? This is achieved with a so-called Product Information Management system (PIM system). Michael Kugler, Managing Director of Contentserv GmbH, presented the latest release of the firm’s innovative PIM system, CS 17.0, at this year’s Marketing Power Conference: “Software is a living product and constantly evolving. We’ve put a lot of energy into the optimization of Contentserv again this year, so that the new release best adapts to the current requirements of Marketing.”
A PIM system achieves professional care and control of product data with minimum effort. In addition, content quality is ensured, data is enriched and broadcast via the correct channels. All content − from product descriptions, pictures, videos, technical attributes, to commercial master data from the ERP system − is efficiently maintained in the PIM system and distributed via full or partial automation through various channels. Corresponding data is structured just once and managed centrally, so that data is always up to date. Through standardized interfaces and numerous everyday channel systems such as online shops, CMS systems, marketing automation tools, and other relevant systems, the PIM system manages data automatically. Automated workflows ensure required consistency and data quality. In addition, they enable a sustainable shopping experience and delight customers.
Lisa Widmann-Huber, Head of Product Management at Contentserv, explains what distinguishes the new release: “Exciting new features await our users once again, including a redesigned portal for search, summary and distribution of media data, which is now available and provides data in a more user-friendly manner than ever before. The functionality of both the dashboard and the Data Quality module has been enhanced. Brand new to the portfolio, is the Core Data Flow Module, which underlines the core characteristic of a PIM system.”
Thanks to the new CS 17.0 release, Contentserv’s PIM system offers numerous highlights that ensure greater transparency, flexibility and user-friendliness as well as improved handling, which clear the way for more efficient processes that lead to a lasting product experience.
The MAM Portal has been completely overhauled, resulting in improved usability based on the dashboard and the OpenSearch module as well as optimized handling. The unique interface makes searching for data (products and media content that have been merged and deployed under predefined conditions for internal and external use) even easier. For a modern, customized and effective user experience, the new portal can also be displayed and operated via the versatile dashboard. With this latest version, Contentserv delivers a newly developed concept for import and export from the Core Data Flow. The new module handles the often rather erratic processes of file-based data capture and output of product data, enables ad-hoc imports and exports which administrators can prepare and end users can then easily execute. Reusable import and export operations as well data mapping rules can be configured with similar ease − and all of this without the help of your IT department. Thus communication of product data, especially with suppliers and dealers, is simplified and accelerated. First introduced in 2016, the dashboard in the current release has been enhanced with additional tiles, including status tracking of translation jobs. Additionally, the dashboard now displays context-sensitive content. In doing so, visualizations and functions are provided individually based on data context, in a so-called navigation structure. Another innovation is that data from external sources can also be visualized on the dashboard, allowing for even more flexibility and transparency of the central PIM system.
The Data Quality Module offers an even better overview of data quality with additional extensions. All action fields are visualized at a glance and causes are displayed via drill-downs. Any corrections can then be made via the status-based workflow. For best data quality across all output channels and languages, process chains can be run automatically.


As a manufacturer of marketing software and technology leader in Product Information Management and Digital Asset Management, Contentserv’s content platform helps improve the everyday marketing work of thousands of international users. Contentserv has been active on the market for over 17 years and draws on a wealth of experience gained in hundreds of projects.


Image credit: mattjeacock/Getty Images

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