The eight focus markets of EDEN

Register now at and be part of Europe’s first digitalisation study of its kind. Find out your personalised EDEN Level and learn about the detailed individual evaluation of the main software markets which play an essential role in our EDEN study. They are broken down by: industry, wholesale, retail, mail order and other sectors. The following graphics visualise the distribution of the software markets in each sector.


In industry, content management systems are at the absolute top, with 76 percent. Not to be underestimated are the two software markets of eCommerce and marketing resource management, where the greatest potential for industry lies dormant.




In the wholesale area, the software market that has clearly prevailed is that of eCommerce. Marketing resource management and multi-language management are viewed as underdogs, but are still an absolute insider’s tip for this sector.



Mail order

Analogous to wholesale, eCommerce enjoys the most widespread use. But this is not the only similarity between the two sectors. Marketing resource management and multi-language management offer the greatest opportunities for development in mail order as well.




As the graphic shows, eCommerce is assigned the greatest significance in the retail sector. PIM and MRM have almost equal shares, at 28.2 and 26.5 percent respectively. Due to their potentials, an important role is ascribed to these software markets. The share of MLM in retail is low. This is due to the fact that MLM is not particularly widespread in this sector. An increase is expected in the years ahead.



Other sectors

The ‘Other sectors’ category includes banks and insurance companies, telecommunications, utilities, non-profit companies and public authorities. A head-to-head battle for the lead here can be seen between customer relationship management and content management systems.

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Picture credit Martin Barraud/Getty Images


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