EDEN Trend: IoT

Register now at www.edenstudy.com and be part of Europe’s first digitalisation study of its kind. Find out your personalised EDEN Level and learn about the latest digital trends. How a vision can transform into an essential trend is proven by The Internet of Things.

In his 1991 essay ‘The Computer for the 21st Century’, Mark Weiser already outlined the idea of a global infrastructure which would allow physical and virtual objects to be interlinked and to work together. Eight years later, the concept and the foundation for the Internet of Things were put into place. Since then, this trend has continued to evolve steadily and away from the spotlight until the related changes in society have slowly become visible. Portable devices such as smartphones or tablets as well as everyday items equipped with embedded processors, sensors, and network technology, are becoming increasingly prevalent in areas where computers have not been widely used before. The possibilities for such smart devices are immense.
The proclaimed goal, however, is always the same: our everyday life will be simpler and more structured. Ever since companies have discovered the potential of smart household appliances, sports bracelets etc., the race for the pole position is on. This is because the development of the Internet of Things and its possible applications based on collected data is still ongoing. Through its step into the spotlight, the Internet of Things has really gained momentum.

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Picture credit: GarryKillian, Courtesy of Shutterstock, Inc.

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