We proudly present the newest member of The Group of Analysts: Dietmar Rieger

Bildschirmfoto 2017-10-23 um 10.45.19.png

Originally at home in the media area, Dietmar Rieger is a trained type and photo composer as well as a print and media manager. As a creative and responsible mind, he was active in several renowned enterprises where he achieved set goals with patience and determination. His career includes a number of impressive achievements.
From 2014 on, he was responsible for Business Development in Germany, Austria and Switzerland for censhare AG. His main focus was on the digital experience platform, customer journey and marketing automation.
Since the beginning of October, Dietmar is Business Development Analyst and supports our Sales team. A warm welcome from The Group of Analysts!

The Group of Analysts AG is a market research and consulting company located on the beautiful Lake of Constance. We observe and evaluate the effective performance of the software industry based on a new methodology that takes into account the analysis of evaluations and research gained over the past twelve years. Concentric charts, which are called Market Performance Wheels, are the result. This beautifully designed, circular concentration of knowledge provides multidimensional insights. Unique in the market, MPWs capture the DNA of enterprises and their products.
In 2017, The Group of Analysts launched a new project, the EDEN study. EDEN stands for European Digital Entity Norm. This ongoing project describes the current state of digitalization of companies based in Europe. The personalized digitalization index is an incentive for participating companies to tap their own digital potential and to use it to compete successfully.

Test yourself: www.edenstudy.com


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