EDEN Trend: Blurred Reality

Register now at www.edenstudy.com and be part of Europe’s first digitalisation study of its kind. Find out your personalised EDEN Level and learn about the latest digital trends. One of them was ridiculed at first, but is now a most topical trend – Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR).

For a long time, Augmented Reality was lagging behind Virtual Reality, which boomed once Oculus launched its Rift goggles. Yet following the pioneering success of Pokémon GO, AR is on everyone‘s lips and has come to the forefront of public perception. Both VR and AR are phenomena that lay the foundation for Mixed Reality (XR). The potential is far from being exhausted. It can therefore be assumed that both trends will mature over the next five years. Here, Augmented Reality in particular will play an important role as it enables the blurring of boundaries between the physical world and digital experiences more effectively than Virtual Reality can. This creates new user interfaces for customer acquisition and thus allows a more targeted approach of prospective clients and their loyalty to companies. A milestone in competitive differentiation!
The economy recognised this, and 30 percent of otherwise rather hesitant Global 2000 companies already successfully experimented with both trends in the first half of 20171. A bright future awaits them, as forecasts for 2020 suggest that up to 100 million consumers will opt for AR and VR when making a purchase.

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1 cf. Lynn Kristin Thorenz (05.09.2017)

Picture credit: Westend61/Getty Images 


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