We proudly present EDEN

Take a look in the digital mirror: Reflect the ability of your company to improve and prosper in the digital future. Discover hidden potential and you benefit from benchmarking with peers: www.edenstudy.com.

EDEN means European Digital Entity Norm and describes the current state of digitalization of companies based in Europe in the accompanying survey published for the first time in 2017. The study is designed as an ongoing project based on the continuous analysis of data. Hence, content adapts dynamically to the changing framework of software markets and companies interacting with each other. The EDEN study’s long-term objective is the collection and monitoring of the current development of digitalisation in European companies. This is made possible by the respective survey online. The personalised digitalisation index is an incentive for participating companies to tap into their own digital potential and to use it to compete successfully. The EDEN study 2017 was realised with the kind support of sponsors and in cooperation with techconsult GmbH, who successfully carried out the basic survey. Following a standardised selection process, 300 participants with different characteristics were included in the study. 13 ISCM markets were selected with the focus on eight markets, which due to current digital developments were to be highlighted in the survey. In the EDEN studies to follow in the next few years, more markets will be integrated more closely. This will result in a broad picture of the current situation of digitalisation in companies across the entire industry, guaranteed every year. And companies will certainly continue to pay attention to this topic and to make comparisons with competitors due to the dynamic development of the digital world of the future.

Find out your EDEN level under www.edenstudy.com.


Picture credit: Everett – Art, Courtesy of Shutterstock, Inc.

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