With strong performance and high data quality into a bright future


Fast and efficient or flexible and individual – until recently, you could not have both at once in the production of goods. Now, technological progress in Industry 4.0 offers the growing possibility to adapt goods to the individual wishes of the consumer without the need to continuously modify the machines.

People, plants, products and logistics are in constant communication across intelligent, digital networks. “Unlimited storage and network capacities as well as generally higher-performing information technology have produced a formerly unimaginable information density, quality and transparency of process, which is the technical basis for the networked systems of Industry 4.0”, says Dr Jörn Boysen, Senior Product Manager of the software developer pirobase imperia GmbH based in Cologne.
Intelligent data acquisition, storage and distribution, in addition to interlinking of information and communication technology with industrial production, offer companies increasingly flexible methods of production. Communication between the components makes it possible for the workpiece to find its way through the production process independently; plants report material shortages, and a moulding cutter, for instance, can register when a cutting tool is worn out and needs replacing. However, these controlled processes need input data from the economic context.
Centralised systems manage the master file data and thus become distributors for the decentralised systems. “Frequently, old or bad data cause problems with short-term manufacture control. Introducing a central management of product information helps to streamline the recording, formatting and revision processes. By simplifying the management, changes are publicised faster. pirobase imperia PIM offers across-theboard high data quality. All modifiers can be stored with a validation by the company, which helps to optimise maintenance of the object data”, explains Dr Boysen. This data structure can be imported or exported and thus facilitates a simple and fast rollout to multiple systems such as preproduction or production. For international use, the product information management system offers multilingualism for data and a multilingual user interface. Globally applied standards are consistent, and. complete availability ensure a flawless operation of global business processes. This simplifies global data management. Creating new items and changes in master data are adapted by all locations simultaneously, and all editors are informed about it. “To make software systems for Industry 4.0 high-performing, reliable and controllable, despite growing complexity, enterprises require flexible, workflow based solutions. That is why we use open interfaces in our systems”, reports Dr Boysen.
Progressive networking, smart technology, standardising and real-time measurement for Industry 4.0 cause a constant increase in the demands for IT systems in manufacturing enterprises. Clients want to be able to control and check on the state of completion of their product any time online. Product data can be transferred automatically to tablets and smartphones of employees and lorry drivers. To ensure optimal production processes as well as business processes, enterprises need real-time data. “For quick and stable access to information in real time, we offer the interlinking of product information management system and content management system. The data our pirobase Commerce solution delivers are always up-to-date, and in addition Elasticsearch guarantees future reliability”, says Dr Boysen. Even at maximum system utilisation created by technically possible access numbers, output and performance remain stable. Technical know-how is supplemented by the pirobase “Software-as-a-Service” model, which gives companies planning security with regard to further expansion of the systems.
Pirobase CMS and pirobase imperia PIM for Enterprise by pirobase imperia cover the entire scope of digitalisation, updating and archiving of all business and communication processes in a way that is effective and future-proof, internally and externally. The same is true for small and medium sized companies and the public sector, for which the developer offers imperia CMS, a solution that is the market leader in the public sector. In addition, pirobase Commerce as a strong combination of CMS and PIM pirobase, created by pirobase imperia, is currently the only provider in the market.


pirobase imperia GmbH is a software provider for content management and product information management with more than 20 years of experience in innovative solutions for enterprise, small and medium businesses and public institutions, all created from a single source. The company sees itself as a strategic partner in the management of content in a complex business context, with a high competence in design aiming to deliver information and content in eBusiness, eCommerce and cross-channel, spanning interfaces for all manner of sales channels.

pirobase imperia GmbH

Photo by Diego PH on Unsplash

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